Not all fat is the same

“4 ways to shed fat fast.” Just one of many eye-catching headlines from good ol’ Doctor Oz. Now, on the surface, this seems like a great idea. Who doesn't want to shed some fat? Lose 5 pounds this week, and I can afford to eat an entire cake later, right?

So I click on the first of these four magical cures, Litramine. Hmmm....

Since I’m unsure of what aisle in the produce section of the grocery store to look for this, I Googled it. Now, on the surface it looks like a great idea. It’s natural. After all, it comes from a plant and it literally helps your body shed fat. Dietary fat. Not body fat.

It’s important to note the difference. Litramine is what those in the diet-in-a-bottle industry call a “fat binder”. That means once it’s in your system, it binds with the dietary fat you’ve eaten and becomes a bulky mess that cannot be absorbed by your body. It simply passes through your system and body absorbs less calories.

Essentially that means all you have to do is continue eating whatever you want, pop a pill, then, bam! You're a slender, sexy version of your former self. Genius. Except for three things.

Essential Fat

Your body needs dietary fat. It’s one of three macronutrients that, when consumed together, help keep you energized, satiated, mentally focused, and hormonally balanced.

A Calorie is Not a Calorie.

Will you lose weight by restricting calories? Probably. But if you’ve ever followed up on the contestants from the reality show Biggest Loser, you know that drastic calorie restriction isn’t healthy in the long term. And when we talk about overall health, some food choices are better than others from a nutrient standpoint.

Care About Yourself

You’re not taking responsibility for your body. This is a problem. If you’re relying on a TV doctor that gives advice to the masses to know your body better than you do, you’re in for some disappointing times. I have tried to adopt the phrase “I can’t care more about you than you do.”

This helps me not waste energy worrying about people that just don’t care anymore. But it’s also a great reminder for me. I have to care about myself. I can’t wait for someone to rescue me, or cure me, or donate liposuction treatments to me.

I need to be my own champion.

Stop looking for that quick fix. You've probably spent years making poor decisions about your health. Take the time to correct your mistakes in a way that is healthy for the long term. Make concious behavioral changes and reap the benefits. By putting in the work and learning how to do it right you'll be healthier and happier.