Exercise on a Busy Schedule

You're busy. We understand. Your schedule is constantly changing and you don't know what each new day holds. How are you supposed to make it to a scheduled class time on a regular basis?

You don't.

But don't fret you're not out of luck. One of the main reasons many people choose personal training is because of the flexibility. You can train when it's convenient for you and a coach is available whenever you are.

Over the years we've heard every excuse you can think of as to why people can't workout and you know what they say about excuses.

Taking care of your health so you can live the life you want should be priority #1 and saying you just don't have time probably isn't totally true. It may not be convenient but you probably have an hour here and there each week.

Ideally, you'd want to train a few days a week but maybe one week you only have 1 day available and the next week you have 3 days. That's totally fine. This works because when working with a personal trainer they can adapt your training program to when you're available and make changes on the fly to ensure that you're getting the training you need to reach your goals.

We understand being busy and we don't hold that against you. CrossFit 43 North is a great place for you to improve your health no matter what your schedule is. If I were you and I was a little unsure if personal training would be a good fit for me I'd schedule a No Sweat Intro with one of our coaches.