The ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.

Being able to supply your body with adequate oxygen for intense situations is something our bodies can do by default but probably not as effectively as we'd like if the situation is really an emergency. As our bodies need more oxygen our breathing becomes more rapid and labored but there is more to the system than just breathing hard.

Endurance refers to our body’s ability to gather, process, and deliver oxygen. This is a trait that can be trained. Cardio Respiratory Endurance is one of the ten general physical skills we train in our classes.

With training your body will become more efficient in gathering and delivering oxygen where it is needed and you’ll be able to train at higher levels of intensity for longer periods of time.

Building endurance doesn’t mean long grueling sessions on a treadmill either. Improving your endurance happens when you’d least expect it and doing things that you wouldn’t typically think of as endurance activities.

We use interval style workouts to train our bodies to better use the oxygen available and then test our improvement with longer sustained efforts. The more it improves the harder we can push ourselves in training and it subsequently improves even more.

This is why CrossFit or functional training has been adopted by many “endurance” athletes and they’ve seen huge improvements in their sports of choice.

Now go move better.