Don't let your wheels fall off

I don't know a lot about automobile racing other than I can get a really good nap with NASCAR on the tv. I think it has to do with the dull roar in surround sound.

I do know they spend a lot of money on race cars and they work hard to squeeze every last little bit of performance out of each one to give the driver the best shot at winning races. They put the highest quality fuel in the gas tank and they tune the engine to deliver the most power it can.

Your body is capable of being a high-performance machine as well. If you work hard at tuning all the right things you find yourself doing amazing things. You can to fuel your body with the right fuel and train your metabolism and muscles to generate as much power as they can.

What do you think would happen if a race car competed in a race with loose lug nuts on the wheels? The lug nuts would continue to loosen until the wheel wobbled. If they didn't fix the wheel wobble it would wobble worse and worse until the wheel fell off.

The wheels of the car are what move it around the track, if the engine wasn't connected to the wheels it wouldn't go anywhere. Your ability to move your body well is your wheels. If your joints don't move at full capacity or you're missing motor control you'll make compensations to keep up with the demands of your life and compensations, if not addressed will lead to pain and potential injury.

What if you could learn what lug nuts are loose and get the tools on how to tighten them down? What would that mean for you?

If you're currently experiencing pain it could:

  • Fix nagging pain
  • Feel better
  • Participate in activities you've given up on

If you're an athlete it could:

  • Increase your performance
  • Train longer and harder
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Give you a competitive edge

At CrossFit 43 North we now offer movement and mobility assessments to help you live a better life. Whether you're dealing with pain or trying to improve your performance we can assess movement and give you a plan to improve the situation.

I spent a week in San Fransisco training with the coaches and staff of San Fransisco CrossFit and The Ready State (formerly MobilityWOD) and I am now a Ready State Movement and Mobility Coach.

Contact us today to schedule an assessment and start feeling and living better.