Don't Hold Your Breath

Think of the last time you were stressed. Think about how you felt. Most likely you were tense and holding your breath a bit. Maybe you are currently sitting in front of your screen right now, clenched fist, tight jawed. Have you become aware of it? Good. Now take a deep breath and let all that go. Finished? Great, you just took a yoga breath, now let’s move on.

It’s not a new concept to know that stress is bad for your overall health and finding ways to destress are key components to not only surviving life but finding better enjoyment in our lives as a whole (yes, even the stressful or less fun parts) one way to combat that is to learn to release tension in our bodies and simply put, not hold our breath. In yoga one of the main focuses is always breathing, deep diaphragmatic breathing. Becoming aware of how your breath can guide your movement and help clear the mind. When we practice yoga it not only helps destress us for the hour long class but with time and practice it helps us become aware faster of moments throughout our day that might bring up that extra tension and might make our breathing shallow. Yoga then becomes a tool in our toolbox that helps alleviate stress, calm our mind and, and improve concentration.

In our upcoming Slow Flow Class we will be focusing on slowly breaking down some of the foundational poses of yoga while helping you connect your body with breath. This is what a “flow class” means. While we will be holding poses for a few breaths while we breakdown forms and postures the main portion of the class will be connecting our breathing with the movement of each pose. Finding places in our body that we can soften while staying strong where we need. The last portion of the class will conclude with deep relaxation poses, finding time in our busy day to quiet our mind, relax and of course breathe deeply.

Whether your day is full of business meetings and deadlines or diaper changes and meals to cook we can all benefit from taking a moment in our day to let go of stress, unwind and take time for ourselves. Come join us.