Diary of a Newbie - Entry 9

Making a life change is really hard.

This is the story of someone looking to start getting healthier and live longer. “Frank” is a pseudonym, and he doesn’t like the internet, or writing, or even talking about himself, but this is his story, through his eyes.

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I got swept up in workouts and my job and forgot to write for a week. My wife’s work has already started to ramp up, so she’s doing her workouts at different times than I am, usually.

When her work schedule got nuts in the past, we were like ships in the night for a couple of months. I’d WANT to help her but honestly didn’t know how. She used to do all the grocery shopping and laundry and I just kinda tried to stay out of the way for a few months. I felt dumb asking her “Are you ok? How can I help?” and her always just saying “I’m fine.”

This year, her stress level is way better (but we’re not into the deep end yet, I know.) BUT I can help a bit more because I know what we’re supposed to buy at the grocery store. I made a solo run at it last weekend and did okay. I don’t have her willpower, so without her there I got a bag of cookies. Then I beat myself up all the way home and wanted to hide them. I had a couple while I figured out what to do with them (yeah, I know) and then she had a couple when she got home because she was stressed.

I woke up feeling hungover. I was in a crap mood all morning and couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t feel better until I went for a walk at lunch. I figured out: it’s gotta be the sugar. As soon as I got a couple of meals in me, I felt good again. Carbs on an empty stomach really affect me. No one at CrossFit 43 North has ever said “don’t eat carbs”, but Coach Bridgett told us to eat them with protein and fats, and now I see why.

That’s what prompted me to write this again: I think most people are on the carb roller coaster all the time. I talk to people in the office at 8 am, and everyone’s in a pretty good mood. Then at 2 pm, wow. It’s like the bottom falls out. Nothing’s getting done. Everyone is cranky. Until I was out of that loop, I didn’t really see it.

It’s hard to explain what “feeling good” is like because until I started this, I didn’t know that I wasn’t feeling good. I thought I was just feeling normal.

Anyway, I’m way more productive at home and at work now. I’m starting to think about asking for a raise, or even a promotion.

Workouts are great. I got my first rope climb last Monday, and that got me a mention in their weekly facebook live videos to say “way to go.” I posted it as a Bright Spot in the members-only Facebook group and people congratulated me–I don’t even know some of them yet.

I’m feeling good. I’m not saying you can’t feel good by going to another gym, but I’ve never seen support like this or had a clear plan. I was just mostly flailing around at the cheap gym. I’d rather spend some money and make some progress than waste money and time, know what I mean? CrossFit 43 North should really talk about the accountability and coaching and progressions and especially the PEOPLE here.