CrossFit Basics

The magic is in the movements.
— Greg Glassman

CrossFit is all about building better human beings. Our training methodology is designed to make you more resilient both physically and mentally. Looking in from the outside CrossFit may look impossible and intimidating, but in reality, it is doable by anyone.

You just need to learn the basics.

Air Squat

The air squat is one of our foundational movements. It's simple and elegant but can be a little tricky to learn if you've never squatted properly before. From this basic movement, many other lifts have their foundation. Once you can do an air squat consistently well you'll pick up more complicated movements quickly.

Shoulder Press

Like the Air Squat, the Shoulder Press is a basic foundational movement. It teaches us the fundamental movement patterns for healthy pressing and can be done with something as light as a PVC pipe. An alternative movement like the push-up requires you to be able to press your entire body weight.


At it's most basic level the deadlift is a hip hinge. Your legs stay primarily straight (ie the knees don't move very much), and the spine and arms remain straight. This basic hip hinge is at the root of many other movements both simple and complicated.

By combining these basic movement patterns in different orders and speeds you can perform some of the most complicated things in CrossFit like the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. Everything complicated becomes simple if you break it down into the component parts.

Now go live better.

If you're interested in learning these movements and more checkout our Elements of Fitness Course. This course is offered either in 1-on-1 sessions or in a group of 6 or less.