CrossFit and Yoga

It seems like an odd combination for some. A yoga class held in a CrossFit gym? Growing up my best friends dad used to eat peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches, that to me is a weird combo. CrossFit and yoga make a lot more sense together than leafy greens and peanut butter. Trust me.

When I first started CrossFit it was to get my head above water, I wouldn’t say I was thriving any way you dice it. I had just had my fifth baby and with that came a surge of postpartum depression like never before. I came into this place lost, afraid and desperate to change something, anything. There is far more to this story that I would one day love to share but for now, know that all I loved to do for myself before kids was lost. I had loved yoga in my early 20’s and secretly dreamed of being an instructor one day but that practice was left 10 years and three state moves ago.

As I progressed in CrossFit I noticed that new found energy, a mental lightness to my life one that despite raising five children I found I could squeeze in time to do things I used to enjoy. I found myself back on that mat. The time was therapeutic, to say the least. To every high-intensity workout in CrossFit, I came home to a relaxing yoga flow. I started picking yoga flows that would compliment that work done in the gym. If we did lots of pushups I’d work on poses that helped stretch my arms. Leg day came with lots of forward folds and pyramid poses. I noticed that my breath work came in handy in the gym to help me catch my breath quicker, all those yogi squats helped both my front squat and back squat.

I started noticing that these two things weren’t opposite in a way that they don't mix but rather how well they complement one another. Where yoga helps, the breath, flexibility, and balance. CrossFit brings strength, endurance, and self-awareness. It gives you a gauge of what your body is able to do and that crosses over to so many things but for me, it meant I knew I could try challenging poses and fail. Both CrossFit and Yoga stretch you mentally and physically and you learn to laugh at yourself in the process. The synergy of both has helped me grow tremendously.

Can you do one without the other? Of course and even if you aren’t a member of our gym I invite you to come to our Slow Flow Yoga Class, or if you love heavy days but the idea of slowing down sounds like it isn’t your thing. I invite you to stretch yourself (physically and figuratively) and try something new. You never know what you might get out of it.