Making change is hard.

Changing habits, building muscle and reducing body fat all take consistent effort, and there is significant discomfort involved. This discomfort is often significant and it takes some courage to overcome it.

We often fear the unknown. “How much are the workouts going to hurt?” “I don’t think I can do it.” “Changing the way I eat is too much work, I can’t do that.” “I can’t snatch my bodyweight. Putting that much weight over my head is impossible.”

Facing our fears everyday makes us stronger. It challenges our “courage muscle.” By constantly living in a little bit of fear you will gain courage overtime by addressing that fear.

Sometimes our fear is of failure. Failure is good, you learn one more way that didn’t work. That learning process helps you discover what you are capable of and how you can successfully conquer your fear. Sure you might fall on your butt trying to clean using the correct technique, but that’s how you learn to do it better. If you don’t go for it, you’ll never get better.

We may fail many times before getting something right, or setting a new personal record but we don’t give up. We face our fears and we learn how to conquer them. Success comes from showing up and trying to overcome your fear.