Consistency in Training

We have a basic progression in our training that starts with mechanics, then consistency and finally intensity. Each one builds on the previous and the previous stages are prerequisite for the next ones.

When we talk about consistency we are referring to one of two things. Either performing a movement properly over and over again, or attending training sessions on a regular schedule. Both aspects of consistency are important and they work hand in hand.

Do it again

Each rep exaclty like the one before.

After you can move with sound mechanics we want to see you be able to repeat those mechanics on every rep. Without this consistency in every rep there is a greater chance for injury. We want the basic movement patterns to become second nature. If you have to think through a long checklist of items before every squat then we don’t want you to add weight or move too quickly. Keep building consistency.

With consistency in your movement comes more enjoyment and efficacy from the training sessions. This enjoyment and progress is helpful for developing the other type of consistency. A training schedule.

Stick to the plan

Fitness isn’t a destination it’s a journey. You can always improve so sit back and enjoy the process. The more regularly you can workout the better your body will adapt to the stimulus.

If you are hit and miss with your schedule your body will take longer to develop those consistent motor patterns. Your fitness will fail to improve and you’ll get frustrated with your training and stop going.

Much of training is a progression, whether it be in complexity or a progressively heavier barbell. If you don’t train often enough to learn and adapt you’re failing.

You’re capable of doing so much more than you know but without showing up and putting in the work you’ll never get to see it.

Now go live better.