Gone are the days of having a favorite coffee cup. You’re handed a paper cup through a window and you drive off. Netflix has changed how we consume TV shows. You don’t have to commit to sitting down at a certain time every week to catch your favorite show.

Making commitments goes against the status quo. It’s too easy to say you’ll do something and just not follow through. We won’t stand for that behavior. We expect people to honor their word. If you say you’ll do something then do it. If you aren’t going to commit to it then don’t say you will.

You’ll come off as a better person if you’re honest about your ability to commit with a strong “NO” rather than disappointing yourself and others later by not following through.

Making change is a process and often some experimentation or modification is required in the process. It’s not a straight line from point A to point B. We commit ourselves to the process of change and we don’t give up because it’s hard or inconvenient.

At CrossFit 43 North we’re a family. We become a family because we’re all committed to the same process, the same hard workouts and reaching the same goals of a better life.