Cognitive Habits

In a recent episode of Back To Work, Merlin Mann makes some interesting points about life and becoming the person you want to be. Most of which revolved around the idea that what we give our attention we give our time and what we give our time is our focus and will have a greater impact on who we are.

This lead me to think about what hinders me from becoming the person I want to be. What is keeping you from being the person, mother, son, employee, boss, or even CrossFit athlete you want to be.

The obvious things that help or hinder us are the things we spend our time doing. If you spend a lot of time working on your handstand push-ups or muscle ups you will see progress. Sometimes though I see atheletes not reach their goals due to their mental habits more than their physical habits.

In Crossfit I've heard the statement "Practice makes permenant" and it's true. We repeat movements over and over with proper mechanics to develop muscle memory. This makes it possible to move faster, be more efficient, do more work and thus improving our fitness.

We spend hours on our physical fitness but often ignore our mental fitness. The thoughts we've made habbits impact us more than we know. What thoughts have you made habbits? How are these thoughts impacting your potential for physical fitness? By changing our cognitive habits we can make permenant change in how we see ourselves and others.

The cognitive habit I need to change is the one telling me "I can't pick up the bar, I can't move any faster, I need to rest a little longer."

Now go move better.