Anni Lubiens

Here at CrossFit 43 North, we love celebrating PR’s (personal records). Did you run a faster mile, lift heavier? We cannot be more thrilled. Every Saturday there is a Facebook live video where we mention all the awesome things our members have accomplished inside the gym. But as you know our philosophy isn’t just about PR’s inside the gym we want our hometown of Nampa to truly live better, we want the fitness you gain inside these doors to be life-changing. Even if your goal is weight loss there is so much more to celebrate in this journey. Big and small victories that you notice in your everyday life.

So we turned to our gym family and asked them what non-scale victory stories they had to share, no triumph is too small. We are so excited to share their stories in this blog series. First up we have Anni, a mother of three and amazing addition to our gym. Here is her story.

“Playing with my children used to wear me out. After my third baby, I felt like I spent more time on the sidelines watching the fun instead of participating. With the endurance I am building at the gym, I am back in the game with them! Though this was not my intended goal of losing 100lbs (which I am 30% done with!) this is a definite bonus.
A recent example is they love to play the floor is lava at the park when you have to get from one side of the jungle gym to the other without using the walkways. I have never been able to do it before but was able to go from one side to the other and back.”


There are so many unexpected victories in this journey and we want to take the time to celebrate them and share our members' stories with the world. We cannot be more proud of their hard work and effort and it's thrilling to see what they can do with the hard work they put in.

Want to have non-scale victories too? Do you wonder what you could do with your fitness? Schedule a no-sweat intro and see what great things you’ll achieve throughout the journey.