Brooke Bidinger

Brooke has goals and she's commited to reaching them. Her job gets in the way sometimes but she doesn't let it get her off track. She's coachable and works hard. It's awesome having her as a part of our family.

Where do you work? What do you do there?
I am an Implementation Consultant at Paylocity, a payroll software company. I onboard new clients and help things go smoothly.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Since May of 2017

What is your favorite or best movement?
I like push presses a lot.

What has been your favorite workout?
I like heavy days or AMRAPs with lots of upper body movements.

What movement do you struggle with?
Lunges are my nemesis.

What workout have you struggled the most physically?
Anything where we do lunges or a ton of squats. Basically, any workout that heavily focuses on lower body movements.

What workout have you struggled the most mentally?
Once I wanted to walk out in the middle of a workout. I think it involved a million burpees and jumping pull-ups.

Why did you decide to start CrossFit?
I wanted to get healthier and stronger. I wanted to reshape my body. I wanted to be part of a community that promoted a healthy lifestyle. And I wanted to challenge myself.

What is CrossFit to you?
CrossFit is a way to better yourself and grow through the experiences you thought you’d never have (read Olympic weightlifting) and the relationships you build. It’s also a way just to feel really awesome about yourself. 😉