Your kids’ bone density

It’s probably not something you’ve given much thought to. This conversation is probably one you’ve had with your mom or grandma. But the foundations for excellent health start early. Building up bone density early will help prevent injury, and keep your bones healthier, longer.

The key is in high impact physical activity.

In this article of the Crossfit Journal, Jon Gary explains how important it is to make sure your kids are not only active, but participating in high impact physical activity. I know for some, you may look at your delicate flower of a child and think that high impact sounds like a bad thing. This doesn’t mean you have to sign your daughter up for football, but it does mean she should be doing something that requires jumping and pushing like dance, gymnastics or CrossFit Kids. Your son doesn’t have to join a team sport, but he can become proficient at running and jumping rope. (Just show your kids a montage from Rocky, and they’ll probably beg you for a speed rope.) And an appropriate weightlifting class can benefit any child.

So find something that holds their attention, and encourage them towards it. Whether it’s Crossfit, Karate, lacrosse, dancing to hip-hop videos in your living room, or a Rocky-style obstacle course in your backyard, they’ll thank you later.