Better Care for our Members

CrossFit 43 North isn't a regular gym. Anyone that has spent any time with us knows that. We're even considered different from the norm as far as CrossFit gyms go. One of the main reasons we're different is the amount we care about our members and how we show that.

CrossFit 43 North is a safe place for people to improve their lives through fitness and nutrition. (I've written about what that means to us here.) But as the gym grows, keeping those high standards gets more and more challenging. So we've been keeping our eyes open for someone that can help us not only maintain how we currently care for our members but raise it to another level.

As Bridgett and I discussed finding the right person for this role it was always a dream for us that the person would come from inside the gym. Someone that had first-hand experience with how CrossFit 43 North can change peoples lives. Someone whose own life had been changed and wanted to see others have the same experience.

This is Leslie and Leslie is awesome!

This is Leslie and Leslie is awesome!

We have exciting news! We've found that person in Leslie Karst. Leslie has been a member here for almost a year now and she's had an entire life transformation. (If you haven't heard her story, you should.) When I sat down with Leslie to talk to her about this role I found out she was already doing a lot of what we wanted on her own and paying for it out of her own pocket! Amazing! But as amazing as that was we wanted to make it better so we offered her a job.

So what's changed? Nothing and a whole lot.

Leslie is going to continue doing what she was doing but she'll have our support in doing more and finding new and better ways to care for and celebrate our awesome members. This is something she truly has a passion for doing and she's diving in head first!

Leslie has also spent the past year working through her Yoga certification and will be holding her first Yoga class at CrossFit 43 North on June 14 at 7:00 pm. (You should totally sign-up.) And this weekend she'll be attending the CrossFit Level 1 Training Seminar so she can also start doing some CrossFit coaching in the future.

We are so thankful for Leslie and the addition she has been to our gym family, and now we're super excited to see her do even more as part of our team.