Be Prepared

With our Whole30 challenge beginning on January first I thought I’d share some tips for success from our past experiences.

Clean House

One of the best ways to help yourself succeed is to remove all the food from your house that isn’t approved. This may be a challenge if not everyone in your house is participating in the Whole30 but it’s just for 30 days and hopefully they’re willing to be supportive for that long. If they are going to eat unapproved foods they’ll have to get it from outside the house.

I’m sure there will be plenty of Christmas and New Years treats laying around right up to December 31. Then dump them.

Go Shopping

The Whole30 is hard enough to do when you have the right food available but when you don’t have good choices available you’re more likely to make a bad one. Take a minute and go through some recipes on the Whole30 website and build a plan for your meals. Then head to the store and get your items.

Have a source of emergency protein. This is something you have stored away for when you’re stuck without a good option for a meal. Usually this happens at work because you’ve got your home covered. Right? This could be some jerky (read the label for any sugars) or maybe some hardboiled eggs if you have a way to keep them refrigerated.

Mentally Prepare

There are few things you should be aware of that maybe you didn’t know about. These may affect you more mentally than physically.

  1. The Carb Flu
    When switching from a diet heavy on refined carbohydrate to one where your carb source is limited to vegetables and a little fruit, your body will go through withdrawals. This happens to almost everyone and it feels pretty bad. You’ll feel grumpy, tired, and sluggish. Maybe even get a headache or other flu like symptoms. It’s ok. It goes away after a week or so, but if you know about it you can prepare for it.
  2. Poor Performance
    Along with the carb flu comes poorer performance in the gym. As your body is changing and basically reconfiguring what it uses for fuel your performance in the gym will go down. Don’t expect to set any new pr’s in the first couple weeks of the Whole30. You’ll soon be stronger, faster and healthier.
  3. Dreaming About Failing I wouldn’t include this if it hadn’t happened to multiple people. In the Whole30 if you mess up you have to start all over from day one, sometimes when you get close to the end the fear of having to start all over sneaks into your dreams. You wake up not sure if you have to start over or not. What you do in your dreams doesn’t change your Whole30 status no matter how real it seems.

January first will be here sooner than you expect. Spend a little time preparing so it won’t seem impossible. A little bit of planning can save a lot of stress and set you up to succeed and see amazing changes in your body.