Back to Your Future

Some of us clearly see the potential in our future. We get excited about all the possibilities and we discard all we've previously experienced. We're ready to take on a new challenge and be living a better life.

I'm naturally that way. "Futuristic" is one of my top 5 in the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assesment. This means that generally, I can paint a picture of the future in pretty clear detail. This means that goal setting isn't a problem for me either.

What is a problem is when the future doesn't look like I thought it would. It's easy to get discouraged. Does this ever happen to you? Maybe you've been making progress toward your weight loss goal and then something comes up and you end up plateauing for a few months or even gaining a few pounds. Or maybe you've been training to run a 5k but your training schedule is interrupted with work and other obligations.

You've probably developed some excitement and hopes around that goal but now you've lost, what seems like, all momentum. Super discouraging. Right? I'm the same way.

This is when being "Futuristic" isn't helpful. This is when we need to go back in time. Back to where we started. Remember that person? The one sitting on the couch, not moving, not knowing what to eat. That person felt horrible due to poor nutritional choices and lack of exercise. That person looked different. That person was different.

It's so easy to get discouraged when things don't play out the way we envision them. But that does not negate the progress we've made or the progress we'll continue to make. Context matters. Don't forget where you started. Don't forget that at one point you were too scared to even start the journey. Don't forget all you've learned and experienced so far. All of that has potentially added years to your life.

When things don't turn out the way you envisioned. Stop. Take a quick look back at where you started and pat yourself on the back for all the great progress you've made and all the milestones achieved. Then with that renewed appreciation for yourself and your journey look forward and keep on going. You've got this.

Now go live better.