The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

Accuracy is one of the ten general physical skills that we train. It’s not something that we talk about a lot but is used all the time.

When moving an object through space how often does it go exactly where you want it to? This could be moving your body in a box jump, tossing a medicine ball against the wall during a wall ball through, catching a snatch perfectly overhead or throwing a softball in your city league tournament.

Accuracy is part muscular and part neurological, but both are developed along side each other. As you gain strength, muscular control and the muscle mind connections are established we continue to challenge your accuracy by increasing the weight of the object or changing the distance it has to move, or decreasing the size of the target.
Unlike many of the things we train consciously in the gym, accuracy is something that is best developed through informal training. Things like playing games (i.e. baseball, football, basketball, etc) or just messing around tossing a medicine at a friend trying to knock off balance.

There are days that we play games and while it’s true we need these days as recovery from heavy training for both body and mind these are actually training days, working on things like accuracy and agility.

Now go move better.