A Supportive Community

I've heard it said that you pick up the traits of the 5 closest people around you. If there is any truth to this then it's pretty important to surround yourself with good people that help you become a better version of yourself.


One of the important factors in our member's success is that they are surrounded by like-minded people. People that view fitness as a journey and understand that take it one day at a time. People that want support just as much as you do and are willing to give it.


Some of us are motivated to make it to the gym every day and others of us, not so much. When you train at CrossFit 43 North you get to know the other members in your class and you look forward to seeing them every day. It's is a common desire to show up for a workout because you don't want your friends to have to suffer without you. We learn a lot about each other and ourselves through the shared suffering of the workout.

True Understanding

Everyone starts with a little fear. Everyone is unsure about the decision they've made to begin CrossFit training. All our members remember what it was like to start at a place of being completely out of shape, or overweight. We all understand and can relate.

Because of this understanding, we are uniquely positioned to help people wanting to make a new life change. Our members are prime examples of what embracing the process 1 day at a time can do.

Going to the gym and working out by yourself has a lot of downsides. Training with a small group develops friendships and a positive environment for making a lasting life change.

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