A dose of truth

“I can do this on my own, I don’t need a coach.”

“I just want to do my workout and go home.”

“I don’t need friends.”

“That kind of workout will kill me!”

“I can’t afford that!”

“I’m too out of shape. I need to get fit first.”

“I need to talk to my spouse before making this decision.”

“I don’t want to give up my cereal/soda/beer."

I’ve heard all of these things a thousand times over from people who aren’t members of my gym.

I have a problem.

Anyone who knows me knows I can talk, but truly communicating is a struggle. When new people contact us about joining the gym, we have them come in for a consultation first. Some people find this odd. When they joined the $10 a month gym, they just signed up online and never had to talk to anybody. For some, making that first appointment is already too hard. They don’t have the time, they don’t need me to know them, they don’t want to stand out in any way. And they refuse to come in. Sometimes people even say they’re coming, and they just don’t show up. I assume this means they just aren’t ready yet.

But for the people that do come in to talk, I find it hard to explain what it is we do here. There’s a disconnect between what they see (which is usually an empty gym) and what our athletes experience. New people see barbells, pull-up bars, bikes, rowers, buckets of balls, and large rubber bands.

They see a small space without a weight machine in sight. They see my son hanging out in the kids’ room, chewing on stuff just trying to get those molars through. And if they’re real lucky, my daughter singing and dancing because she just doesn’t know a stranger.

They’re here because they want a change. They’re here because they saw just enough of who we are to think they might want to be a part of it. They’re here because what they currently do isn’t working. But how do I explain that the ad they saw about transformation is about so much more than the physical? It’s about more than the scale, or the person they see in the mirror?

How do I tell them about all the wonderful things happening inside this gym? The truth is, I CAN’T. It would take hours to tell the stories of how people came in with seemingly simple goals of strength or weight loss, and found themselves on a whole new level in life.

I can’t tell them, but maybe my members can:

"I’ve never been this confident before.”

“I didn’t know people cared about me.”

“I didn’t think my story mattered.”

“I didn’t know what I was capable of.”

“I feel like I can workout again without hurting myself.”

“This place is worth every penny, and I’m going to make sure to budget for it.”

“My shoulder/hip/knee used to pull out of place, and it hasn’t done that for a long time.”

“I’m not winded anymore when I jog a block/climb stairs/play with my kids.”

“Thanks for making this a safe place.”

“This place saved my life.”

“I can’t believe I get to eat this much and still lose weight!”

“I’ve been really depressed lately, and being here helps so much.”

“I couldn’t make it to class, and I’m super bummed.”

“Thank you for your patience with me. I feel much stronger!”

“This gym has really made me find my love for working out again, and I really owe it to the coaches.”

“I cried…this is the first time in years I’ve felt this good.”

“Who is this badass?” (After seeing a picture of themselves mid-workout)

"I joined CrossFit 43 North 1 week ago. I can honestly say I think I finally found my people. I walked in to talk to Bridgett and instantly knew this was the place for me."

“I see the value here, and I wish everyone could be a part of it.”

“I did a thing I haven’t been able to do in almost 7 years.”

"I feel free to eat what I want without feeling out of control."

If you're ready for real change, set up an appointment to come talk to me. I'd love to hear YOUR story.