5 Songs to put on your workout playlist

Music is amazing. It can make you smile and make you cry. It can drain the energy in the room or push you to set a new personal record. Here are 5 songs to put on your playlist in January.

1. More Lazers // edIT

I first heard this song while getting some really really early morning caffeine at Dutch Bros. It's been a go-to ever since.

2. So Ruff, So Tuff // Zapp

I know that Funk isn't everyone's cup of tea but I love it. Here's a fun track that I boogie to while resting between squat sets.

3. Time Pieces // Rod Laver

I discovered this band when I was in college. The songs are hit and miss but I love the mix of rhyme and driving music on this track.

4. Alive and Awake // Mortal

Mortal has been around forever and hasn't changed their music too much over the years. This track is an early one but still holds up in my opinion. I chuckle a little during the chorus when he's yelling "I'm awake" and it's in the middle of our 5 am class.

5. Step Up (I'm On It) // Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

Sometimes you just need some southern grungy rock and banjo to get you going.