3 Costly Habits That are Keeping You From CrossFit

The biggest objection we hear to starting or even continuing CrossFit is the cost. We don't deny it's more expensive than a regular gym, but we're not your average gym. Here are 3 things you're probably paying for that are keeping you from being able to afford CrossFit.

1. Paid Video Services

Most people today don't use an over the air antenna to receive their television signal. Some younger people may not even know what one is. Most people pay for some sort of cable or dish service and those that don't pay for more than one digital streaming service. Here is a breakdown of how much that could be costing you every month on average.

Cable TV or Dish - $72/month
Netflix - $11/month
Amazon Prime Video - $9/month

Total Video Cost = $92/month

If you pay for premium cable channels (which many people do) then your cost per month would be higher. You may also pay for additional streaming services like Hulu.

2. Coffee Shops

I love a good cup of coffee and I have a preferred coffee shop that I like to go to, but I don't go every day. Nor do I get all the things in my coffee. Everyone has their favorite drink but I'll use a standard for this example. A daily trip to Starbucks can quickly add up.

Starbucks Grande Café Mocha - $4.61 x 5 times a week x 4 weeks a month = 92.00/ month

Add in additional shots or extra flavors, etc. and you'll easily spend $100 month on mochas. They are also full of sugar and aren't helping you reach your health and fitness goals anyway.

3. Alcohol

I know a man who pays upwards of $500/month on wine. That's probably way above what most people do but it's not out of the realm of possibility. I think it's probably safe to say that those people that do drink, consume the equivalent of 2-4 bottles of wine each week. Cost per bottle vary wildly but let's pick something in the middle of the road for this example.

$15/bottle x 3 bottles a week x 4 weeks = $180/month

That's right, there is more than 1 month's membership at our gym and like the sugary coffee drinks, alcohol is not going to help you reach your fitness and health goals, either.

None of these things are necessarily bad but they may be keeping you from doing something that is much better for your health and overall quality of life. You may not even know the amount you're spending on some of these things and you may not be ready to give some of them up. But I challenge you to look at your expenses and notice the things you're making more important than your health.

If you want to start taking steps toward improving your health, you may have to make some tough decisions about your priorities. The best way to start is to schedule a No Sweat Intro and talk with one of our coaches. If money is your objection then I challenge you to let them take a look at your budget. I'm confident they could find a way to make it happen.