24 hours of Eating Poorly

One day of making poor dietary choices will not ruin all progress but it may have more consequences than you think.

This past week we had our annual Halloween Party and I had some chili, beer, some weird berry wine thing that tasted a lot like cough syrup and a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. But hey it's not an everyday thing or even an every week thing. This was a sometimes thing that I knew my body could handle.

Little did I know that Bridgett had purchased a couple packages of Oreos for a game we didn't end up playing. Oreos are my nemesis. I can eat an entire package in a single sitting. It's NOT a good thing. When we got home and I discovered the Oreos I proceed to sit down with a glass of milk and a movie and mindlessly eat.

After eating about 1/2 a package I went to bed.

The next morning while fixing my typically healthy breakfast I ate the rest of the package. Things were seriously unraveling fast and I was definitely doing some negative self-talk but I also knew the end was near and soon we'd be out of Oreos.

I know that the choices I made were not the best for my health, my performance or my physical appearance but that isn't what this post is about. This is about the immediate effect all the sugar had on my attitude, my patience, and my ability to think clearly.

Full transparency ahead.

Within 24 hours of eating poorly, I had lost all ability to respond with patience and grace toward my wife and kids. Every little thing would bother me and my filter for holding back my criticism was gone. Everything around me served as an irritant and I wanted it all to stop.

Sure crying babies get annoying at some point, even your own but not after only 10 seconds. I was constantly harping on my daughter for not picking up her stuff and was complaining to Bridgett about "all the junk" in our house when at any other time I didn't see it as junk and it is just the things we have in our house.

The lowest point came when I began to think differently about my wife's appearance. She gave birth to our son 3 months ago and recovery hasn't gone as she imagined it would but she's beautiful and doing what she needs to be healthy. But all hopped up on sugar I didn't have the capacity for grace or understanding. Possibly due to my loathing of my poor eating decisions, I began to project onto her.

In my head, I was saying things like, "Why doesn't she just eat better?," "She could have lost more weight by now if she was trying." and "I can't wait until she looks like she works out again."

These ARE NOT statements that reflect how I truly feel about my wife. It like I was trapped inside my head watching myself become a person that I am not and was powerless to stop it.

All that from eating sugar.

I ended the evening by secluding myself in the bedroom and folding laundry. I didn't trust myself to be around other people.

Sure because I don't eat junk food most of the time it probably really didn't have any effect on my long-term health but the short term craziness was not worth the pleasure of eating the junk food. It turned me into a completely different person for a few hours and that's not cool.

Now go live better.