Find a healthy weight

Losing weight is hard work. Anyone that tells you otherwise has a gimmick to sell you. We use proven nutrition plans to help you lose body fat and keep it off.

Chances are you didn’t gain all the weight over night and you won’t lose it overnight either. It could take just as long to lose it as it took to gain it so be prepared for the long haul. Today’s fascination with extreme makeovers and biggest loser competitions have set unrealistic expectations for the rest of us that don’t live in a controlled environment for months. Losing weight in the real world is hard work.

The good news is that you don’t have to do all the hard work at once, just a little work everyday. Consistent good decisions over time will result in lasting changes. That’s where we come in. We can give you the support, and guidance you need to make those good decisions everyday. Everyday you choose to follow the prescribed diet and workout plan those choices get a little easier.


If you’re currently overweight then you have been making poor nutritional choices for some time. With hundreds of diets to choose from and most giving contradictory information how do know what a good nutritional choice is? We’ll help you understand what certain kinds of foods do to your body and give you direction on what foods will help you lose the body fat. These are also the foods that will improve your health overall. We know that following a specified eating plan can be hard and we know that some people struggle. If you stray from the eating plan we don’t scold you or make you feel bad about yourself. That only means that it will take a little longer to reach your goals.

Nutrition Basics

Every member recieves basic nutritional guidance. If you are a self starter and can easily make the nessesary changes in your eating habits then this may be all you need. Our trainers make themselves available to answer all your questions.

Nutritional Coaching

We offer 2 programs for our nutritional coaching. Both will provide you with the tools to make progress to your goals but offer more or less guidence depending on your needs.


Any exercise is better than no exercise, but if you’re going to exercise you might was well get the most bang for your sweat and sore muscles. When trying to lose weight on your own many people feel lost when it comes to exercise. They usually resort to long sessions of steady state cardio, like running or elliptical. The truth is that shorter sessions of higher intensity work and resistance training with weights is much better at reducing body fat than hours on an elliptical.

At CrossFit 43 North we offer an Elements Course that will teach you all the basics to succeed and reach your goals. We remove all the guesswork from the exercise part of your program. Everyday a workout will be ready for you and we’ll be there to show you how to do it properly, safely and most effectively.