Our members are constantly reaching their goals and setting new ones.
You can have a success story like one these.

Stefannie Raymond
Stefannie has been training with us for a few months now and has seen a transformation both physically and mentally. She comes in 3 days a week with a smile on her face ready to take on the challenge of the day.


Chris Burgess
"Crossfit is more than a workout program or an exercise. It is a sport, a community, and a new way of living. Crossfit, at its basest level, is a means by which I can be a better and more disciplined employee, student, father, husband, and follower of Christ."


Corrina Steinbach
"Crossfit has given me a different outlook on fitness, it is a journey. Crossfit has challenged me mentally and physically. I'm learning to work through my weakness both physically and mentally as I grow in strength and ability. I have had to accept defeat on occasion, but I've also been able to rejoice in many more triumphs. It's nice to not be alone in my journey as well. Working with others, where we are all on the same journey has been an encouragement in so many ways.

Along with all those benefits, it has become another way for my husband Rob and I to connect. We have been married for almost 12 years and have never shared a hobby. This is the first time ever we are doing something together. It has brought about great conversation and better health for our entire family."